LAMB's vision is to see people living as God intended in spiritually, physically, socio-economically and emotionally healthy communities.

 The project’s activities include

  • Community capacity development, including micro credit, helping groups of women to achieve financial self-reliance and play an active role in their communities. 

  • Working with vulnerable groups – TB control, disability and relief work.

The medical work of the project is spread among the 15 target communities (now being expanded to 18) and the 125 bed hospital.  The hospital specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology, but also provides other treatment such as surgery for women with fistula conditions and children with cleft palates.

Training for both community and hospital staff is a major activity. Several courses are used by other agencies.

Research into rural health and development problems is being developed.  This links into a programme of dissemination of the LAMB model and policy influence.

The project has an English medium school for staff families and local children.

LAMB Health's annual reports can be viewed here.